Bergabung Dengan Kami?

To my PrInSCESs

foto : Princess Crown

Hello there my PrInSCESs …
There's such thing empty, but missing you, how was your been there? Is it comfort enough? Or still miss to lay on someone shoulder, I'm pretty much ...
Miss you for such thing,

We know what have we been doing rite now was not easy as the people spell A,B,C's, they dont even know the good things that we ever see, sure I was lonely, but it seem suspicious left me slowly,

As I say, the more I miss you, the more the poetry came pass through, I dont even realize that my mind could just write the whole thing about you, us, and the yearning thing, it unpredictable, but by writing this, its getting more stable,

Last morning, this morning, and the rest of them pass out from the time chamber, I let them blow up without you again and again on my side, do you feel the same way I do? Dont! Just stay well on your study! I beg you!

I felt the better morning today, with a glass of my great coffee and short poetry, instead a part of mind that missing you eternally…

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